Stele Forest Xi'an

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The Stele Forest in Xi'an used to be the Shaanxi Provincial Museum founded in 1944. In 1992, the museum was renamed the Forest of Stone Steles Museum due to its large collections of stone steles. It is divided into three areas including the Temple of Confucius, the forest of stone steles and the stone-carving art room.

The museum has 11 exhibition rooms and houses more than 11,000 cultural relics. The ‘Kaicheng Stone Steles’, carved in 837AD, are among the most precious stone steles in the museum. The Book of Changes, the Book of Songs, the Book of Rites, the Analects of Confucius and eight other classic books are engraved on the Kaicheng Stone Steles. In ancient times, intellectuals had to read all 12 of these books.

What is the man doing in the museum? He is copying Chinese characters from the stone steles to paper.

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