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What's China Video?
China Video is where users can upload videos and music, at the same time view videos and enjoy the music uploaded by our members, comment on videos and music, and share favorites with friends. You can find the column at the homepage of TravelChinaGuide.com.
My video and music suddenly stop or get stuck while playing, how should I deal with it?
The problem may be due to a break in the network connection or other network faults. You can try to solve the problem by the following methods:
1) Press the pause button and wait for some time in order to ensure the download is complete. Then click the 'Play' Button to try again.
2) Refresh the current web page after clearing the cache by clicking the Toolkit on the top of Internet browser-> Internet Option-> Delete File-> Delete All Off-line Contents->OK.
3) Check your network.
Is it free of charge to upload and share my video and music with friends on China Video?
Yes, it is free to upload your videos and music, and share them with your friends. However, you should sign up and become a member of TravelChinaGuide.com first. Sign up as a member of TravelChinaGuide.com
I want to upload my videos and music on China Video; Do I have to sign up?
No, you don't have to sign up first before uploading your videos and music. Both members and guests on TravelChinaGuide.com can upload their videos and music but only members can manage their videos and music in their 'Control Center'.
How do I upload a piece of video or music?
If you are a guest, just click 'Upload Now' button at the top of the page to upload your video or music. If you are a member on TravelChinaGuide.com, you can log in, go to your 'Control Center' and upload your video and music on 'My Videos and Music' page. Or you can upload it as the guest does after login.
Q: What is 'Tags' on the 'Upload' page?
Tags are used to classify the videos or music you uploaded. Through the tags you entered while uploading the video or music, more users can search out and view your video or music.
Q: Can I edit or delete my video and music?
Both guests and members on TravelChinaGuide.com can edit their video and music's title, description and tags while uploading. Members can edit or delete their video and music on 'My Videos and Music' page in their 'Control Center'.

Please notice that guests can not edit or delete their videos and music once they upload them successfully.
Q: Can I be informed if someone comments on my video and music?
For registered members on TravelChinaGuide.com, they can choose to receive message notice, email notice or both when uploading video or music. Once their videos or music are commented on, they will get noticed via message, email or both.
My upload is incomplete after running for a long time. What is the reason?
This may be caused by the network fault. We suggest you stop it and upload your video or music again.
My upload failed, why?
This may be caused by a network fault while uploading your videos or music. Please try again. By the way, please notice that your video or music should be less than 200M. Otherwise, you can not upload it to China Video.
What should I do if I encounter some other problems while uploading video or music?
Please click We need your feedback on the upload page to report your problem. We will help you fix it as soon as possible.
How long does it take for my video and music appear on China Video after I have uploaded them successfully?
After you have uploaded your video and music successfully, they will be subject to our verification. If there is no problem with the content and other aspects, your video and music will appear and be available on China Video quite soon. In general, your video and music will appear within 24 hours.
What is 'My Videos and Music'?
For registered members on TravelChinaGuide.com, you will enter the 'My Videos and Music' page after you log in. On the page, you have a list of all the videos and music you have uploaded. You can manage them including the editing of the accompanying information, share them with your friends, or delete them.

In the sub-menus below 'My Videos and Music', you will see 'My Comments', 'My History' and 'My Favorites'.

'My Comments' offers you a list of all the videos and music you have commented on. In 'My History', you can find all the videos and music you have viewed. You can clear them all as you wish. 'My Favorites' collects all the videos and music you like the most. You can share your favorites with your friends via email or just delete them as you please.
What are 'Url' and 'Embed' located below each video and music?
'Url' is the address used to fill in the browser directly which enables you to watch the video and music. By using the 'Embed' function, you can have your favorite videos and music on China Video of TravelChinaGuide.com played within your individual space and blogs.