West Peak of Mt. Huashan

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The West Peak is the most dangerous and the steepest one of the five main peaks of Mt. Huashan. According to a famous Chinese fairy tale called “the Lotus Lantern”, Chenxiang’s mother San Sheng Mu is buried under the peak by her elderly brother Erlang Shen. San Sheng Mu is a god but she falls in love with a man named Liu Yanchang on earth. They get married and have a son named Chengxiang. San Sheng Mu’s elderly brother Erlang Shen learns that his sister is married with a man on the earth. He is very so angry that he buries his sister under the West Peak.

After Chenxiang grows up, he learns about what happened to his mother. Then he decides to save her. With the help of some other gods, Chenxiang finally defeats his uncle Erlang Shen and saves his mother.

Today, visitors can find a split rock named Pi Shan Shi on the peak. It looks as if the rock was split by an axe. There is also a cave which is covered by lotus leaf like rocks. Therefore, it is named Lotus Cave. The West Peak also gains another name “Lotus Peak”.

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