South Peak of Mt. Huashan

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The South Peak is the highest one among the five main peaks of the Mt. Huashan. It comprises three peaks, Luoyan Peak, Songhui Peak and Xiaozi Peak.

Luoyan Peak gains its name because wild geese frequently land on it when they return to the northern China. Songhui Peaks is named for the old blue pines towered reach into the skies. According to the “Magic Lotus Lantern”, a Chinese fairy story known to all Chinese people, Chenxiang’s mother is buried under the West Peak of the Mt. Hua. Chenxiang comes to the Mt.Hua to save his mother when he grows up. However, he doesn’t know where his mother is buried. He cries sadly and loudly on a peak. The God of the Mt. Hua is moved by his filial love for his mom so that he tells the location where his mother is buried. Chenxiang finally splits up the West Peak with his axe. His mother is saved and the peak where cries is named Xiaozi Peak.

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